The World of Bullying

The World of Bullying.


By G. Ray Gompf


We’ve heard a great deal about bullying lately, in fact politicians have made noises that bullying must be stopped.  Without a definition of bullying, it’s pretty hard to stop something when supposed sane adults bully in the name of all that is holy and fair.


Sure it’s easy to point to that schoolyard bully because everyone has suffered at the hands of the schoolyard bully and knows full well what bullying is from that point of view.  Even those school yard bullies were bullied and when they ran into that bigger bully, they figured out that bullying really doesn’t work in real life so they learned better ways to live in a grown up world.


But some never figure it out.


Take these two DJs in Australia that caused such a fuss when they telephoned a London hospital pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles inquiring about the condition of the Duchess of Cambridge who is suffering pregnancy related complications.  A few days later, the nurse who spilled the information commits suicide as a result of this breach of security.


This was a case of bullying, pure and simple, but the world wide press has deemed it a prank gone wrong, that no one possibly could have predicted such a devastating outcome.  Wrong, it wasn’t a prank, it was a case of bullying.


There was another case of bullying that was disguised as a protest in the Greater Toronto Area.   In this case a group of feminists objected to a speech that was going to be delivered on father’s rights in divorce situations.  Father’s often have court appointed rights to visitation that is often thwarted by ex-wives, yet these men make the child support and alimony payments regularly and on time.  Ex-wives often use police to intimidate their ex-husbands claiming to have been physically assaulted even though these allegations are completely false.   Now, there is admittedly violence against women and that violence – any violence – is deplorable and should be dealt with by the courts harshly.  


I just can’t buy into the statistics bandied about by the feminists organization on the violence against women.  If I were to believe those statistics, then on my block, only one man doesn’t beat his wife and since I don’t beat mine, it must be me and every other man on my block beats his wife.   I know flat out that isn’t the case.  I know I’m not the only man not to beat his wife on my block and many other blocks.


I do know of women who beat their husbands and although it’s less common than men beating women, it does happen with enough regularity to have statistics although men usually don’t complain about the physical abuse out of shame.


The thing is that when men have a disagreement with another man, it can become physical but when it’s over it’s over, usually, the combatants go off and have a beer with each other and the disagreement is history, never to be brought up again.


When women have disagreements with women, few of those become physical.  There are a lot of angry words, then the plotting begins and hatreds maintain.  Women never forget a sleight.


The problem is when men try to use men logic dealing with women there are misunderstandings that women never forget and never let the men forget.  And the problem grows in magnitude because women use women logic dealing with men. 


So these feminists try to stop men from trying to figure out what female on male abuse is about.  Of course to these feminists there can’t possibly be such a thing as female on male abuse, either physical or otherwise.  But there is, it’s real.


To stop this speech being heard, the feminists rip down all the advertising for the event.  Then when it appears the event will still go ahead, they picket the venue for the event and try to intimidate the attendees and the speaker.  The police are called in and the feminists physically and verbally assault the police – especially the female police officers – and the police accept the assault and offer no arrests, because it’s not politically correct to upset feminists. 


I do not support the methodology of the feminists in their fight to suppress dissent to their cause but I certainly do support their rights to express them.  Why do the feminists feel they have the right to suppress dissent to their views?  


In this country we have the right to a dissenting opinion, we do not have the right to suppress that same right in others.


Our teacher’s union leadership should remember that line I just wrote above.  Everybody has the right to dissent even those members who don’t want to be bullied.  Our politicians need to remember not to bully constituents.  Our political system is all about dissent then consensus.  Let’s remember that and stop the bully tactics so common.


Bullies are not just a schoolyard phenomenon




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